Breadth of Impact

Australian Computer Society Recognition – IT Digital Disruptor Award

The Australian Computer Society (the professional body for IT) in Australia recognised this program and its leaders by awarding it one of a very few Gold Disruptor awards for Education in both 2016 and 2017.  This indicates that such a professional body considers the value, importance and relevance to future IT professionals.

University Awards

Furthermore, it was recognised with a University and Faculty award at the University Vice-Chancellor’s award in 2017. Members of the teaching team have been invited by the Office of the Chief Scientist to share their knowledge of how universities and industry can work together to implement WIL at a national scale in ICT.

WIL Community

Our program has also been shared at national and international conferences helping influence WIL thinking on how to embed sustainable, scalable WIL in higher education. The design of the unit and the approach taken has been presented at: WACE 2017 – Advancing cooperative and work-integrated education, and at Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) and Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Rekindled 2016.

We met in May at the Industry Expo at Monash.  I witnessed  your students, Priyanka, Nick, Vincent, Peter & Michael, win first prise in the ‘Grey Category’ for their innovative app. that keeps families and people with dementia connected.  I’ve been in constant contact communication with these incredible people since then, and three of them Nick, Priyanka and Vincent are now involved in the IT side of developing a Social Enterprise Charity I am setting up, with the help of about 5 community leaders.  

Kirsty Porter, Director, Umbrella Dementia Cafes

I was so impressed by the overall performance of each team. They worked with tutors and mentors through the whole semester for a MVP (minimal viable product). Instead of asking what do you want to do, they ask what problem do you want to solve. This is a really good direction. I believe it has a massive potential to became an iconic subject and stand out from the crowd. I wish we had this program when I was in Uni.

Sliva Wei, IT professional, public feedback from the expo

This program changes one’s view of a student. In the past, we have tended to look upon them often as disengaged passive recipients of information. For me this program has shattered that view: with the right stimulus and environment and the right problem space, students can be shown to be self-directed, enthusiastic and outcomes oriented. I am excited to work with these students, I am excited to see what they can produce, I am excited to see them grow.

Monash Academic Mentor

Cross Faculty Collaboration

 Pilot program with the Law Faculty, to assess the viability of running this program across both faculties, to enhance law students’ digital literacy so that they recognise the potential impact of the disruptive NewLaw.  

Past Students Employed in Industry

Duration: 15 seconds

Example Promotional Videos of Projects

Developed by the students, promotional videos help develop their understanding of the need for different types of presentations for different audiences and purposes – also shows examples of types of systems developed and the communities that are supported by the systems developed.

“I am impressed with the problem it solved and how it can help NDS and its clients in the future.”

CEO, National Disability Service (NDS)

Sample letters from Industry mentors, showing the impact on their organisations and the impact on what they see as the future of their industry.